5 Most Mistakes Consumers Make When Buying Smart TVs

Lets discusss about the 5 Most Mistakes our african Consumers Make When Buying Smart TVs in Nigeria, Africa and even the world.

I might not be fully right about what i have here but you can always add to it via the comment section. 

Please see below some vital things you need to consider when choosing your TVs, Brands and son;

1. Don’t Be Easily Driven by The Brand

I believe many people will have this kind of psychology, especially those who are obsessed with foreign TV brands. Some people always think that there is definitely nothing wrong with buying a well-known international TV brand because of the perceived superior quality.

When consumers have this kind of buying psychology, they have already jumped into the pit. Many foreign manufacturers have only grasped this point of the local consumers especially in china and most parts of Africa to raise the price of TV more and more.

I have to say that the quality of some Top brands of TV is good. However, as long as you spend a little time understanding Chinese TV products, your mind may change.

In a nutshell, not all top brand TVs have excellent features. Some, Chinese smart Tvs may just be the right choice for you.

2. Buying A TV With The Largest Screen Size is Not Always Ideal

don't buy a smart tv simply because of the large size

If you decide to buy a large-size TV, you also need to watch the resolution at the same time.

For a large-size TV, you must choose a higher resolution. Here is a little science: if you have two TVs with the same resolution,  but different screen sizes, the smaller ones will definitely be clearer than the larger ones.

In addition, the most important thing to consider when choosing the size of the smart TV is the size of the family living room. Don’t place a large-sized TV  in a small living room. Doing this could be counter-productive and dizziness and visual fatigue will appear after a long viewing period.

3. Blindly Pursuing 4K Smart TV

I have to say that buying a smart TV with a 4K resolution has become a standard for many people. But what I want to say here is that even if you buy a 4K smart TV, you may not be able to enjoy the real 4K picture quality.

First of all, the Internet speed at home must support the 4K picture quality standard, otherwise, the playback video will always be buffered.

Secondly, Although the video resources will display 4K quality, they still do not reach the true standard of 4K, because the bandwidth is limited by the video platform being played, and the reason is that the cost is too high. Therefore, if users just watch the general TV live broadcast, they don’t have to choose 4K. It’s really not very useful, and smart TVs that are not 4K will be cheaper in price.

4. Misunderstanding of Smart TVs as Internet TVs

For clarification purposes, let me differentiate smart tv from internet TVs.

Smart TV: It has an open platform and is equipped with smart systems such as Android. Software applications can be downloaded and uninstalled at will, and system functions can be upgraded.

Internet TV: This device can be connected to broadband and can realize services such as digital TV. It is mainly used to watch live TV. Of course, it can also watch on-demand. However, there are not many resources and some will charge for it.

5. Don’t Pursue a Smart TV With High configuration Without Adequate Research

The high configuration is mainly reflected in the processor. At present, the mainstream CPUs include Morningstar,  HiSilicon, Rockchip, etc.

Although the CPU determines the performance, the panel is more important to the smart TV. The smart TV is a playback device in the final analysis, and the panel on the one hand accounts for about 70% of the TV cost. ,

It’s not advisable to look at the CPU configuration blindly. After all, there are still differences between smart TVs and devices such as mobile phones and computers.

And for home appliances like smart TVs that have a particularly long service life, you need to install a TV box sooner or later. After all, the Android system equipped with smart TVs will suffer from freezing and insufficient memory after a long time.

Buy a TV at this time. The box can solve the lag problem. Just use the TV as a monitor. For example, the well-known popular android IPTV boxes will come to the rescue.

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