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As a young and well to do guy in Nigeria or anywhere in the world today. In your deepest mind you want to start living life on you own, away from your family, where you can take decisions by you self and make a better life for your own future and career. There are some things you will need when starting a new life in a new apartment.

We will be talking about the appliances you will need to boost your earlier life before settling down.

Home Appliances You Need

Home appliances are very important things that you need to have in your Nigerian home. The main benefit of having home appliances is that they would make your life much easier. You would get spare time for yourself as well. Having thousands of home appliances would prove to be a waste of money. You may not need to have everything in your home so it is very important to choose the home appliances wisely. As there many types of home appliances so here are few of essential appliance's list below that you need to add in your home for sure:

  1. Washing Machine

Doing the laundry can be burdensome sometimes. Even if you would get someone to do the service it will be expensive. Washing machines reduces the stress and boosts the rate at which you get the job done. Washing clothes involves a lot of hard work and also with a washing machine, you would also be able to save time and the extra body pain that you may get from washing clothes. The best thing is that you would get your clothes clean.

2. Dryer

The dryer is also a domestic laundry equipment that goes concurrently with the washing machine. Just like the washing machine, a dryer is also a very important thing and this helps a lot in getting clothes dry. In many cases, it has been seen that after getting clothes washed people often get it really hard to get those clothes dried. If you are living in a rainy or humid place in a hilly area then getting clothes dry would be a big deal for you. In these cases, a drier is a must have which also ensures that your clothes are getting dried in literally minutes. So, in case of emergency as well as haste this thing would prove to be handy for you. 

3. Gas Cooker/Oven

Having an Oven or gas cooker is bliss, it makes cooking easy, fast and leaves your pot sparking with little or no black soot. 

4. Blender and Food Processors

Blenders and food processors are gradually phasing out mortars and pestle. Cooking will involve less time since the spices would be blended in minutes and you can also get pure done in blenders and this particular thing is especially great for those who love cooking but preparing spices always gives nightmares. This would not only save your time but would also make spice preparation mess free and it is so easy to use that literally anyone can use it with ease. Now with a blender in your home, you would be saved from those unnecessary stress processing some food for cooking and they do not even cost much so it is worth spending. 

5. Air Conditioners

Air conditioners have become a very prevalent home appliance over the last several decades. People who live in very hot areas of the world tend to use air conditioning throughout much of the year. These air conditioning units are capable of cooling down homes very effectively. It makes it possible to stay comfortable inside of your home, even when it is smoldering outside.

6. Ceiling Fan

There are a lot of people who enjoy ceiling fans simply because they are beautiful. There are so many eye-catching ceiling fans on the market. You will be able to find a ceiling fan that will appeal to your sensibilities without having to look too hard. Many of them will be very elaborate, but there are simpler ceiling fans for those who like things to be more understated. Ceiling fans are a very common feature in many homes. You actually might be hard-pressed to find a home that does not have a ceiling fan in at least one room of the house. They are very prevalent and they help to circulate air around your home. Owning a ceiling fan can really make things more comfortable and they also look very nice.

7. Refrigerator

Having a refrigerator has become a necessity in this age and it keeps food fresh for a long period of time. At least it keeps our food preserved for a long time. If you are the one who cooks in the morning and eats that food throughout the day. Then, this appliance is a must for you and the best thing is that you can prepare ice creams. At least you can keep your ice creams frozen so that at times you can enjoy it. You can get a refrigerator of different sizes so you can choose the best for you. 

8. Pressing Iron

Having a pressing iron is having to crown your laundry with well-straightened garment. You need one in your home to keep your clothes and your looks in good shape.

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