Get WhatsApp Hack 2022 No Online No Last Seen No Blue Tick


Get WhatsApp Hack 2022 No Online No Last Seen No Blue Tick

Spying on friends and family Whatsapp status is everone’s hobby and we are addicted to it but there are some cases when we don’t want other know that we are watching/viewed whatsapp status. So here is a problem of how to view a whatsapp status without them knowing.

Whatsapp Status view can be hided in whatsapp itself but no one knows about this secret setting. We will walk through that whatsapp setting that controls whatsapp status read receipt.

Steps to hide whatsapp status view count to others:

Step 1: Open Whatsapp

Step 2: Goto settings Step

3: Click privacy settings on whatsapp Step

Step 4: In Privacy settings there is one option through which you can turn off whatsapp status read receipt. That is #Whatsapp Read receipt.

Step 5: Turn it off and you are done.

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