How to create pass for your WhatsApp chats


How to create pass for your WhatsApp chats

I will like to discuss with you how you can lock your WhatsApp chat from unwanted readers snooping around and reading your chats. Follow us in the post and we will enlighten you.

For you to use this WhatsApp feature, you need to activate screen lock in the app's settings in order to keep prying eyes away from the app. Here's what you need to do:

  • Download the new version (2.19.21) of the app via the App store of Google Play.
  • Go to settings (the symbol with the cog).
  • Tap 'account'.
  • Select 'privacy'.
  • Go to the area which says 'screen lock'.
  • Swipe the toggle on to activate and select when you want the lock to kick in.
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