100% working Cheats DB on PPSSPP Gold Android Download


100% working Cheats DB on PPSSPP Gold Android Download

In this article, Droidvilla Tech will walk you through an easy step-by-step tutorial on how to download the ppsspp cheat.db file and enable or activate the cheat.db file on the ppsspp apk program, putting an end to your endless quest for answers about how to use cheats on ppsspp.

Don't worry, adding hacks to PPSSPP is a fairly easy process. However, you must first download the cheat.db file, which is provided on this post. To do so, simply click the hyperlink below.

How to Add Cheats to PPSSPP (Android)

Follow the given step and you will be able to use cheats on any PPSSPP Games.

1. Enable Cheats Option on your PPSSPP emulator

How to Add Cheats to PPSSPP

To use cheats on PPSSPP you need to enable the cheats option on your PPSSPP emulator,

  • First Open your PPSSPP app on your Android phone.
  • Then, click on the settings option inside your PPSSPP app.
  • Now you can see the ‘System‘tab click on that.
  • Scroll a little down and the Enable cheats option will appear, click on the check box and enable it.

2. Move the Cheat.db file to the Cheats folder

Move the Cheat.db file to the Cheats folder

After enabling the cheats option in your PPSSPP app now it’s time to move the cheat.db file in your PSP folder.

I hope you have successfully downloaded the cheat.db by clicking on the download button, If you still do not download then make sure to download it before following this step.

Locate to the cheat.db file which you save file after download, select the file and click on the move button.

Now locate to Internal Device>PSP>Cheats move here.

Note: If you are unable to find the cheat folder in your PPSSPP folder then create a new one. Move the Cheat.bd file to the Cheats folder

3. Open Any Games and enable the cheats option in your PPSSPP Emulator

cheat db ppsspp

I hope you successfully follow the above steps without any problem, now let’s see how to implement cheats from cheat.db to your PPSSPP games.

  • Open any game in your PPSSPP emulator in which you want to apply the cheats.
  • After opening the game press the back button, and you will see a cheats option click it.
  • Now you will see there are no cheats available, to get all the cheats just click on ‘Import from cheat.db’
  • As you click on the import button all the cheats for the game start showing.
  • Just enable the cheats which you want to use.

4. Now you have successfully Add Cheats to PPSSPP Games

By following this process you can apply cheats in any kind of PPSSPP game.

If you follow these steps you will be able to add cheats in any PPSSPP game, even you don’t require to download any extra file because this PPSSPP cheats files contain all cheat for almost every PPSSPP game.

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How to use Cheats in PPSSPP

1. Download cheat.db file and move it to PSP folder

After completing the above process now it’s time to use the cheats in the PPSSPP game, Make sure to follow the process properly otherwise the cheat will stop working.

2. Open the Game in Which you want to use Cheat

Start any game in which you want to use cheat code, Consider using PPSSPP by Henrik Rydgård. I recommend this emulator because it gives better performance than other emulators.

3. Import Cheats from Cheat.db

It is time to import all the cheats available for the game you are playing,

Just click on the ‘Import from cheat.db’ option and then all the cheats start showing on the screen.

4. Apply cheats which you want to use

Just click on the allow to use that cheat in the game,

To apply the cheat in your game you have to click on the enable button, After clicking on the cheat the cheats will be applied to the game automatically.

I hope this post helped you to find How to Add and use Cheats to PPSSPP, You may also want to know Where Can I Download PPSSPP Games For Android (5 Website).

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Download the latest and updated cheat.db ppsspp hacked file

How to use cheats on ppsspp – Firstly,

Download ppsspp cheat.db file cheat file

How to enable cheat db ppsspp file on file manager and ppsspp apk app.

Procedures Firstly,
  • Enable cheat on your PPSSPP settings.
  • Go to file manager>>copy cheat.db to PSP folder>>Cheat.
  • Start PPSSPP
  • Open the game to play, press the back button, tap on import cheat.db, and tick the cheat you wish to activate while playing the game.

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