If you have been looking for a way to move your Satoshi core air core from through the metamask app.

Follow the steps below to move your core to your metamask wallet

👉 *copy this link and paste in your metamask wallet browser https://coredao.org/*

👉 *Click AIRDROP at the top right of the page* 

👉 *Choose your country of permanent residence* 

👉 *The next step it will direct you to connect wallet click on connect wallet*

👉 *Choose the displayed option, the MetaMask wallet*. 

*Once you select the MetaMask option, the “Connect” button is enabled*.

👉 *Once you click the “Connect” button, you will connect your wallet to the page to claim your CORE tokens.*

*If you are not already on the Core Mainnet network, a pop up window from your MetaMask wallet will open up and ask you to switch networks*.

👉 *Make sure the wallet displayed is same with the one you link your Satoshi app with* 

👉 *Click the “Claim” button to proceed*.

👉 *Click on “Confirm” in your MetaMask to claim your tokens*.

👉 *Please note that the network could be congested during the time you claim your tokens. This most likely will be due to the fact that a high number of users are trying to claim the Airdrop at the same time.* 

*Please consider one of the two below options*:

1. *If you want your claim transaction to be confirmed sooner, you might raise your gas price*. 

2. *If you want to avoid high gas fees try to claim your airdrop at a less busy time.*

👉 *Once you have claimed your token you will be sent back to the original view of the homepage*. 

*If you click on the airdrop option once more you will be able to see the date on which you will be able to claim the next batch of tokens*.

*Claim Airdrop* 

✅Core Mainnet activated 

✅Metamask- browser>coredao homepage(coredao.org)

✅Choose the Airdrop option top right 

✅Select Country and Confirm 

✅Choose the display option- the metamask wallet 

✅Connect Button Enabled 

✅View Vesting 

✅Confirm Wallet address 

✅Claim Airdrop 

Confirm transactions

Note: *@everyone Airdrop icon will be live on 12PM UTC that is 1pm Nigerian Time 🇳🇬🔥🥇. Kindly read the article very carefully for ur better understand*✅

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