Steps on how to deposit Omega token on OKX


OKX is one of the selected omega coin platform that offers a wide range of digital assets for trading and storage. Transferring or Depositing Omega tokens on OKX is an easy process, and every step of the way, there are strict safety measures in place to protect your funds.

In this guide, we share a comprehensive breakdown of how to deposit Omega on OKX

Step 1: Navigate to the “Deposit Page” under the 'Assets' option on the main navigation bar. Then, select the Omega token from the dropdown box, which in this case, is OMN.

Step 2: Select the network you'd like to deposit in the new box that appears — “Select OMN deposit network” — before generating your token wallet address by clicking “Next”. Ensure you have selected the same network as the platform you've withdrawn from.

Step 3: Finally, simply transfer your tokens to the provided wallet address. It's that easy.

Congratulations you have successfully deposited your tokens.

The entire process is quite straightforward and convenient in OKX.

Please note that OKX will charge a certain trading fee during the deposit process. 

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