How to Withdraw TC network coin to Metamask wallet


How to Withdraw TC network coin to Metamask wallet

Today we will be giving you information about how you can set up you TC wallet on metamask and Withdraw your TC coin.

First Download the wallet from Google Play by typing MetaMask. Download

Adding The TSC Mainnet

Adding your TTcoin (TSC) Mainnet to MetaMask.

Step 1: Open your meta mask wallet,

Step 2: Click the top link where you see network of other wallets.

Step 3: Enter the Add Network section.


Step 5: On-screen

Name: TSC Mainnet


Chain ID: 330844

Symbol: TC

Block Explorer URL:

Write the part correctly. Press the Add button and the network will be added.

 Next we will be talking about how you can withdraw TC coin to your metamask wallet.

Withdrawing TC on TTcoin Network

Withdrawing your balance to the TSC network is very simple.

Step 1: Copy your wallet address.

Step 2: After collecting 9000 TC, paste your wallet address in the box to be opened.

Steps 3: Click transfer.

That is all.

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