How to complete your ice network KYC3 Q&A

How to complete your ice network KYC3  Q&A

Today we are going to be teaching the step by step guide to complete your Ice network KYC set up so that you can become fully verified on the platform.

I believe you must have done some verifications and believe that is the end? That's not the end, there is still another step which is the final step that must be carried out soonest before the Ice mainnet and distribution of coin in your respective wallets.

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1. On what network will the ice distribution take place?

✅ *BNB Smart chain* 

2. How can users earn ice on the ice network?

✅ *By checking in every 24hrs* 

3. What is the staking concept similar to?

✅ *Depositing money in the bank* 

4. What block chain technology does the ice project use for it's concensus mechanism known for it's speed, security and scalability?

✅ *Proof of stake (POS)* 

5. What is the primary goal of the ice network?

✅ *To build a decentralized ecosystem* 

6. What is the role of validators in the ice network governance and operation?

✅ *Validators are tasked with maintaining the networks security and availability.* 

7. What is the main advantage of ice being an open source project?

✅ *it promotes transparency and allow everyone to review the project code.* 

8. How can a user restore lost coin due to inactivity in the ice project?

✅ *By initiating a new check in session and choosing the resurrection option* 

9. How many times can you benefit from the resurrection option in the ice project?

✅ *once* 

10. What make ice unique in the concept of crypto mining

✅ *it allows users to mine without using their phones resources, data and battery* 

11. During phase 1 of the ice project, how much can users increase their mining rate through pre-staking?

✅ *250%* 

12. What happens to the coins of users who become inactive in the ice project?

✅ *They are gradually lost through progressive slashing* 

13. When are users notified about the availability of extra bonuses in the ice project?

✅ *Between 10:00 -20:00* 

14. How is the pre stake bonus in the ice project rewarded to users

✅ **By increasing their mining rate* 

15. Does mining in the ice network requires keeping the app open all the time

✅ *No mining doesn't consume any phone resources* 

16. How does ice project aim to demonstrate the value and reliability of its digital coin to gain wilder acceptance

✅ *By binding trust with owners and users* 

17. How does the ice project encourage trust and social connection among its users?

✅ *By offering bonuses based on referrals and network activity* 

18. What information can you find on the team screen in the ice project app

✅ *The current check-in activity of your referrals* 

19. What distinguishes the ice network from other mining method

✅ *It reward those who actively build micro communities* 

20. What happens after you use all the accumulated days off in the ice project

✅ *You automatically enter the slashing mode* 

21. What factor determines the total supply of ice coins

✅ *Multiple factors including total registered users, online miners, halving events, and bonuses* 

22. How long is the staking period for users who close to pre stake their ice in preparation for the main net releases

✅ *Up to 5 years* 

23. How often will BNB smart chain distribution occur in the ice network

✅ *Monthly*

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